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Welcome to TermCymru - the terminology database created and maintained by the Welsh Government Translation Service.

This is a bank of terms used by Welsh Government translators in their everyday work. It is continually updated with a view to providing an increasingly comprehensive database of terminology which is standardised and which reflects current usage in the various fields of the Government's operation. It also includes the names of Welsh Government initiatives and programmes, and the titles of many documents published by the Welsh Government and other bodies. It is published on the internet as a useful tool for bilingual working beyond the translation profession.

As the source database is English-Welsh, more details are given for Welsh terms in respect of parts of speech etc. However, TermCymru can also be used for searches from Welsh into English.

Each entry has been given a status denoting its stage in the standardisation process ranging from 5, the lowest, to 1, the highest. It is important to consider the status of a term before using it.